DevOPS Engineer

Job Location:

New York, NY (Optional Remote Position)

Job Description: 

The DevOPS Engineer is a critical member of an agile development team responsible for the system physical and network architecture as well as the supporting release processes.

We'll trust you to: 

o   Utilize infrastructure as code to maintain, manage and extend environments.

o   Work closely with software engineers and product managers.

o   Work with developers to create pipelines for deployment of applications.

o   Utilize industry best practices in designing infrastructures with consideration for network isolation and data storage. 

o   Understand scale and implement solutions that allow for scalability both horizontally and vertically.

You’ll need to have: 

o   4+ Years of DevOPS and/or infrastructure experience. 
o   Strong Linux skills. 
o   Understanding and application of infrastructure as code to maintain production networks with tools such as Terraform.
o   Knowledgeable about service discovery using services such as consul or etcd.
o   Experience with multiple cloud service providers, such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, IBM’s Bluemix etc.
o   Functional understanding of Linux, including kernel tuning for high throughput networks, security limits and firewalling.  
o   Hands on experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet.
o   Microservices and Knowledge of Distributed Systems.
o   CI/CD experience using a build automation tool such as Jenkins or TeamCity.
o   Monitoring using push or pull based technologies, such as the Influx stack, Nagios, or Prometheus.
o   Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
o   Bachelor degree in computer science.
o   Excellent problem solving skills and creative thinking. 
o   A keen interest in blockchain technology.

We'd love to see: 

o   AWS or Azure Certifications
o   DataDog Monitoring and Alerting Integration
o   A working understanding of VPN protocols (IPSec, OpenVPN, etc.) 
o   Experience with the ELK stack or Splunk for log aggregation and analysis
o   Experience with Kafka and Zookeeper Cluster management
o   Kubernetes
o   Leveraging Hashicorp stack for Microservice deployment using Nomad, Vault, Consul and Consul Connect. 
o   WebLogic Service Deployment
o   VMWare vSphere Service Deployment