Lead Data Scientist

Lead Data Scientist is needed to perform the following duties: 

  • Analyze various datasets associated with the business problem using statistical techniques and python scripting language.

  • Develop hypotheses from data & domain understanding, and statistically test those hypotheses to provide actionable insights.

  • Utilize training in machine learning and statistics to find appropriate scientific techniques for a business problem.

  • Research previous work in a similar domain, understand how those algorithms are designed. Optimize those algorithms and apply them at scale.

  • Design natural language processing pipelines using deep neural networks, and other machine learning techniques along with data preprocessing in python.

  • Use Subject matter expertise in Corporate Finance and Trade Finance to design Machine Learning Algorithms.

  • Designing and developing codebase with appropriate testing and coding hygiene.

  • Prepare documentation and visualization for intra team communication and correspondence on project progress.

  • Liaise with Clients and internal product managers to simplify and explain details of machine learning underlying core product features.

Bachelor Degree is required in Mathematics or Statistics or Economics.