Lead Google Cloud Engineer

About Us

Founded in 2014, MonetaGo is a leader in financial services technology providing the only global fraud prevention solution against duplicate financing. MonetaGo’s mission is to make working capital more accessible to the millions of underserved businesses around the world by reducing risk in trade finance. 


After successfully launching the world’s first such solution in India in 2018, MonetaGo’s award winning Secure Financing product is being made available globally to 11,000+ banks and financial institutions providing corporate financing to their customers.


MonetaGo is an international company headquartered in New York with employees in Canada, Singapore, India, Japan, Australia, and the UK. Operating at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, MonetaGo is always pushing the boundaries to solve problems previously unsolvable, making it a dynamic and challenging environment where the best minds can thrive. MonetaGo prides itself on building a positive culture providing flexibility and work/life balance, with equal opportunities, and investing in people to produce the highest quality results possible for both its clients and its employees.


The MonetaGo Lead Google Cloud Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and building cloud native applications using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a focus on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This role is essential for defining and implementing modern, scalable, and performant infrastructure and processes, and is also important for providing leadership and mentoring to fellow Google Cloud Engineers and Site Reliability Engineers staffed at MonetaGo.


  • Develop and maintain GCP organization structures.

  • Deploy and manage VPC networks, shared VPCs, peering, etc.

  • Design and build Microservices architectures using GKE and Istio.

  • Strategic growth planning of MonetaGo infrastructure.

  • Attention to detail with security and DevSecOps.

  • Develop and automate GCP and SaaS deployments using Pulumi and Python. 

  • Work with regional and multi-regional database and messaging systems.

  • Agile development, continuous integration, and documentation with Atlassian.

  • CICD pipeline development, GitOps, performance testing, and code scanning.

  • Provide direction and mentoring for Google Cloud Engineers.

  • Report to the Head of Infrastructure.

Required Skills

  • Strong command of the English language, and excellent at search.

  • Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Istio, and a passion for the ecosystem.

  • 5+ years experience working with major Cloud providers and distributed systems.

  • Able to work very well with Bash, Python, YAML, JSON, data structures, etc.

  • Excellent working knowledge of Cloud authentication systems and automation tools including APIs, CLIs, SDKs, etc.

  • Excellent working knowledge of Linux, containerized Linux, and Git.

  • Working knowledge of database technologies and messaging systems.

  • Strong organizational and time-management skills. Ability to lead a team.

  • Google Cloud and/or Kubernetes certifications.