Companies burdened by BitLicense’s real cost

The August 8 deadline for New York's bitcoin companies to apply for BitLicense saw many companies of the cryptocurrency ecosystem halting their operations in New York.

While different companies cited different reasons for their unwillingness to apply, the hefty non-refundable application fee of $5000 played a crucial part. On the other hand, the companies that did apply for the BitLicense had to bear high cost not only in monetary terms but also non-monetary terms.

While speaking to CoinDesk, George Frost, executive VP and chief legal officer at Bitstamp, the world's third largest exchange in terms of BTC/USD trading volume, said, "Applying for the BitLicense is an expensive and difficult process, as many have noted. Some other firms have chosen to abandon the New York market entirely, rather than comply. We do not fault them for doing so".

"Our UK parent company has contributed a lot of time, expertise and money in the BitLicense effort, but much of this investment will benefit the entire Bitstamp group," said Frost.

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