MonetaGo Named Best Fintech Startup in Trade By Global Trade Review

Financial technology solutions provider MonetaGo has been awarded ‘best fintech startup in trade’ by Global Trade Review.

The annual GTR Leaders in Trade awards celebrate the achievements of pioneering institutions and top performers in the trade, commodity, supply chain, export finance and fintech markets.

This award recognises MonetaGo’s systematic progression towards helping industry make trade finance faster, better and safer for all financiers and bona fide borrowers, as the world’s provider of trade finance deduplication technology. In its award submission, MonetaGo was able to demonstrate the track record and maturity of its solution, and how it has built credibility among major global financial institutions through numerous industry partnerships, including the integration of its Secure Financing system onto Swift’s global API-enabled infrastructure as a single point of access for financial institutions worldwide.

“This award is a further testament to our relentless efforts to address fraud to dramatically improve the trade finance experience for lenders and their clients alike,” says Jesse Chenard, CEO and founder of MonetaGo. “By bridging information barriers among and between banks, platforms and regional solutions, MonetaGo makes it possible to prevent double-funding fraud globally in ways that were not possible before. It’s an honour to have been recognised by GTR for our work.”

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