Xpedize joins MonetaGo

Supply chain financing platform Xpedize is joining MonetaGo's anti-fraud network to mitigate potential financial risks like invoice frauds. By joining MonetaGo's growing network, Xpedize will use MonetaGo's digital one-way invoice fingerprinting technology that enables higher transparency in all transactions between their suppliers and buyers.

Xpedize, a fin-tech company that improves upon the traditional forms of invoice discounting models, provides Software with a Service (SwaS) that brings buyers, suppliers, and financiers on a common platform, where suppliers offer dynamic cash discounts to receive early payment on their accepted invoices.

Traditionally, inaccessible data and lack of information sharing have enabled bad actors to take advantage of the financial ecosystem earlier. But MonetaGo has been able to eliminate information gaps by working with financial institutions to ensure that they can prevent this lost value and improve their overall balance sheets using blockchain technology.

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