Secure Financing

Fraud in trade finance is a pervasive, global problem that costs companies billions every year. Fraud can be perpetrated over long periods of time, only discovered when a fraudster is finally unable to repay their financiers.


Countless instances of fraud scandals trace back to duplicate financing- where multiple banks unknowingly finance the same authentic or fabricated documents- as there is no current preventative nor collaborative detection mechanism in place.

Secure Financing leverages best-in-class technology to prevent duplicate financing in real-time. The network acts as a secure unified data repository across the network participants. The platform's Fingerprinting functionality creates a digital fingerprint that guarantees privacy while enabling detection of exact or partial matches between documents in the network.

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The size of the global invoice factoring and financing market in 2018

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Challenges include double financing, invoice verification and tracking of goods

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Our solutions prevent fraud in real-time

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Select information from invoices are hashed and uploaded onto our platform

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Capital efficiency is increased and made more accessible