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About Us

Founded in 2014, MonetaGo is a leader in financial services technology providing the only global fraud prevention solution against duplicate financing. MonetaGo’s mission is to make working capital more accessible to the millions of underserved businesses around the world by reducing risk in trade finance. 


After successfully launching the world’s first such solution in India in 2018, MonetaGo’s award winning Secure Financing product is being made available globally to 11,000+ banks and financial institutions providing corporate financing to their customers.


MonetaGo is an international company headquartered in New York with employees in Canada, Singapore, India, Japan, Australia, and the UK. Operating at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, MonetaGo is always pushing the boundaries to solve problems previously unsolvable, making it a dynamic and challenging environment where the best minds can thrive. MonetaGo prides itself on building a positive culture providing flexibility and work/life balance, with equal opportunities, and investing in people to produce the highest quality results possible for both its clients and its employees.


MonetaGo is a ‘data first’ company, where success of the products is not only about the quality of the data but also about how the data is handled and processed. Working with sensitive and regulated data in many different countries creates an additional layer of challenges for solving fraud in trade finance. Extracting insights and performing analysis and inference on trade finance data at scale while going well beyond what is expected to protect the data means MonetaGo is constantly developing novel techniques with the latest technologies to achieve its goals. 

As Senior Data Engineer you will take the lead in designing, implementing, and optimizing critical data pipelines covering the entire lifecycle from the moment we receive client data through to providing back the results . You will work with both data scientists and engineers to productionize machine learning models. You will make decisions on which database technologies to use to optimize performance while maximizing availability and durability of data. You will also need a strong understanding of data security and encryption to enhance the protection of sensitive data throughout the entire pipeline. As a subject-matter expert, you must have extensive experience building data-intensive production applications with a solid knowledge of distributed systems. 


To be successful at MonetaGo you should be a confident self-starter, able to learn quickly and determine what needs to be done for yourself. As a senior recruit, you should be comfortable mentoring juniors and acting as a positive role model for the team.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years experience as a Data Engineer for distributed systems

  • Bachelor’s or above in Computer Science or equivalent quantitative field

  • Experience with RDBMS and data products on multiple cloud platforms (GCP, AWS, or Azure)

  • Python for analytics and ML (pandas, scikit-learn, etc)

  • Java

  • Bash scripting

  • Expert with transactions and stored procedures

  • Knowledge of latest NoSQL and SQL technologies

  • Experience with Kafka or other streaming platforms

  • Experience supporting production ML workloads for real-time inference at scale

  • Distributed database design, optimization, and administration

  • Experience implementing pipelines in microservice architectures

  • Experience with data encryption and key management services

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with Confidential Computing

  • Experience working with regulated and private data

  • Experience with ledgers and systems of record


  • 100% covered medical, vision, dental

  • Remote worksite setup

  • Annual continuing education credit

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Monthly phone subsidy