Senior QA Engineer

Job Location:

Mumbai, India

Job Description: 

The Senior QA Engineer is a critical member of an agile development team responsible for carrying out all the QA activities. This includes creating all the test artifacts, lead the testing efforts hands-on, report bugs where necessary, follow up on the bugs reported and ensure that they are addressed by the development team.

We'll trust you to: 

o   Coordinate with the software/product team to determine quality assurance parameters.

o   Lead the QA team in designing QA test procedures.

o   Be responsible for the drafting test artifacts.

o   Execute the test cases and guide other members whenever required. 

o   Create bug reports in JIRA when required. 

o   Implement testing procedures and oversee the QA process.

o   Troubleshooting quality issues and modifying test procedures. 

o   Conducting analysis checks on product specifications.

o   Reviewing Quality Assurance reports. 

You’ll need to have: 

o   Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant field. 
o   Previous core experience of 5-7 years as a QA Engineer. 
o   High-level analytical skills.
o   Advanced written and verbal communication skills.
o   Critical thinker.
o   Detail oriented.

o   Being adaptive to situations.
o   A keen interest in blockchain technology.