Senior Financial Quantitative Analyst

Your Duties: 

o   Develop quantitative financial products such as models and projections used by financial institutions.

· Consider economic and business trends in both finance and technology to inform the direction and strategy of the company.

· Use market data as well as specific information from customers about their business to develop data-driven models to inform business decisions

· Create reports and models to demonstrate the earning potential of various products in different regions as well as the demand and suitability of these products

o   Work closely with multiple departments in performing end to end project delivery activities, including analysis of customer requirements, and applicability for system integration.

· Use objective, accurate, direct and unemotional language to present and explain customer requirements, because getting overly involved in detailed explanations makes it difficult to identify the precise issue and appropriate solution.

· Communicating accurately and clearly between Engineering and Sales teams, ensuring a common understanding and identifying the priorities for the different functions

· Working closely with customers to identify their needs and ensuring that proposed solutions will meet requirements based on their business workflows and expected volume of transactions


o   Work with company’s CTO to develop product growth strategy and to guide and influence long term and strategic planning decision making, growth plans, annual planning process, development sprints and business reviews/analysis.

· Data analysis – analyzing, validating and documenting system feeds and calculated results for system performance and progress tracking.


o   Track and maintain change request documentation to ensure that all requirements and their impact are traceable

· Clearly identify the specific changes required to meet customer requirements

· Breakdown of user stories to individual engineering requirements

· Creation of JIRA tickets and product roadmaps

· Tracking of progress on development tasks and coordinating testing throughout the QA process

· Providing updates to customers and internal stakeholders on expected performance and volume increase, with analysis on the business impact to both customers and the company

o   Develop test strategies, document test scenarios and coordinate the execution of test scripts to validate product performance and system reliability as well as customer satisfaction with the product

· Scope out the requirements of testing scenarios and create descriptions of testing aims and expected outcomes

· Execute test scripts internally to ensure stability and correct product performance

· Co-ordinate testing with customers to validate correct functionality of the system as well as customer satisfaction and understanding of the product

· Analyze testing data in case of unexpected outcomes and draw conclusions as to where improvements can be made

· Identify key areas of product performance that will allow for increased transaction volumes in order to meet business requirements


o   Participant on cross-functional teams to develop strategic plans.

· To collaborate cross-functional teams used in new product development.

· To achieve time-reduction targets, cross-boundary ownership of tasks and problems, innovation and synergy effects, better achievement of organizational goals and professional development of team members.

· Ensure strong communication across functions and alignment of strategic goals


o   Co-ordinate data migrations between systems

·  Clearly identifying the key data points to be migrated

·  Mapping results from existing systems to new products

·  Analyzing any potential misunderstandings of data in new representations and ensuring it is correctly represented

·  Working with Engineering teams as well as customers to ensure no data loss and clear communication of the new system parameters


o   Prepare presentations, dashboards, and management reports to assist leadership decision-making on new product opportunities.

·  To provide business ability to stay connected with customers’ business, helps make key decision on time.

·  Provide up to date data and analysis on customer volumes for the purposes of investment and product development


o   Bachelor’s Degree required in Accounting, Finance, Economics, or Mathematics.