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Profitability Through Technology

Trillions of dollars a year are lost by financial services due to inaccessible data and lack of information sharing. MonetaGo reclaims this lost value and returns it to where it belongs - your balance sheet. Our product suite capitalizes on cutting-edge financial technology to enable critical real-time decision making. Solutions are easily accessible via simple interfaces and ready to deploy in heavily regulated environments.


Supply Chain Finance 


Problems in supply chain financing due to fraud and poor information are universal across the globe. These issues have significant impacts on the bottom line of all parties involved. Whether discounting, factoring, or using other means of financing receivables, MonetaGo solutions use next-generation technologies to mitigate risk, increase capital efficiency, and make capital more accessible. Get faster and cheaper access to capital as a business, and get better rates of return on your investments as a creditor. 


Corporate Issuances 


From Initial Public Offerings to Certificates of Deposit, and from Bonds to Commercial Paper, MonetaGo platforms will digitize your entire issuance process and dramatically improve your cross-organizational workflows. No more spreadsheets, no more paperwork, no more couriers. These products will allow you to complete and verify issuances in minutes instead of days, include government approved digital signatures, enable real-time tracking of documents, and automate your reporting.


Digital Financial Platforms




Headquartered in NYC, with subsidiaries and regional directors around the world, the MonetaGo team are successful and seasoned entrepreneurs with expertise in engineering and development, financial services and capital markets, architecture, strategy and compliance.



Chief Executive Officer

Jesse leads MonetaGo’s vision and strategy by interfacing with financial institutions and central banks around the world. With multiple successful exits including Tremor Video (NYSE: TRMR) and Image Space Media, Jesse is the definition of an entrepreneur.